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Our Mission

Great Plains Business Development Center is a comprehensive business assistance program that creates and fosters an entrepreneurial “ecosystem” for start-up, early-stage firms, or firms expanding product or services with the goal of improving their chances to grow into healthy, sustainable, and self-sufficient companies.  The Great Plains Business Development Center will help nurture entrepreneurial and economic development in the community by providing affordable office space, services, training, mentoring, and a network of professional advisors.

Goals of the programs

  • Foster the community’s entrepreneurial climate
  • A viable product or service
  • Potential for job creation for the local community
  • Diversify our local economy
  • Retain emerging businesses in our community
  • Demonstrate a need for the incubation process
  • Capital/Funding that covers start-up cost
  • Completed business plan
  • Willingness to be mentored and participate in the incubation process
  • Demonstrate potential to increase the local tax base
  • Provide a space that allows local food producers to develop their products in a legal and efficient way
  • Encourage and nurture the commercialization of emerging artists in the community.

Meet the Team

Cody Holt

Business Development Center Coordinator

Full Bio

Dana Newsom

Business Center Secretary

How to become a tenant

Start your planning today to become a successful tenant of the Business Development Center. We will contact you and answer any questions that you might have about how to start your journey to success.